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Science has proven...

...that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented through healthy food choices and exercise. The Power to Prevent Diabetes Program is based on these principles.


Diabetes Prevention and Aid Fund...

...recognizes that the Power to Prevent Diabetes program relies on the ability of at risk people to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables for their diet on a regular and consistent basis as well as following a regular exercise plan.


Our Mission... to provide help for people to prevent Type 2 diabetes from happening to them through our major areas of involvement:

  1. Providing diabetes prevention education
  2. Providing fresh nutritional fruits and vegetables
  3. Providing medical services, equipment, and supplies
  4. Health and nutritional training
  5. Emergency food and medical assistance
  6. Diabetes testing


Please Help Us...

...spread the word about diabetes prevention. Make a donation today.


We Have The Power To Prevent Diabetes

Prevention is perhaps the best method for treating and stopping diabetes. It is estimated that about 54 million people in America have prediabetes, also known as Impaired Glucose Tolerance or Impaired Fasting Glucose. Clinical studies show that lifestlye changes, like those outline in our 7 Step Prevention Plan, can help prevent the onset of diabetes, even for those with IGT or IFT. Click here to learn more about the Power to Prevent Diabetes 7 Step Plan.